My name is Carolyn Wegner. I was born and raised in Berkeley, California. I am a bird lover, world traveler, rock climber, and nature nerd.  I take photos obsessively, and have a knack for identifying mushrooms. I'll take fog over sun any day!

I am in my Masters of Interaction Design at the Umeå Institute of Design in northern Sweden. I thrive developing services and design strategies that bring people and cultures together, and exploring adaptive methods of research as a means to lay the foundation for design which places humans at the center of the equation. In my past, I studied Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley, working as a designer in a variety of firms in the SF Bay Area. This merging of interaction and spatial design means I also love envisioning ways in which we can create engaging experiences with one another in data driven, responsive environments. And yes, as a former Landscape Architect, I still love construction documents and memorizing botanical plant names. 


I am also a digital ambassador for the Swedish university system...